Latest Gadgets in CES 2017

Posted by Beth Pleines | Blog, Technology

There were so many cool gadgets that were part of the display at CES 2017, that it is quite difficult to name a few. Here are some that were highly irresistible that can give you a glimpse of the main attractions.
1. Plume is a device that you can wear which detects the pollution levels around you.
2. The Griffin Connected toaster is the next level in kitchen appliances. With the help of an app, you can micromanage as to how you want your bread to be.
3. A breathalyzer is a party friendly device that can check the alcohol levels in your body and helps you to stop at the right time.
4. Kuri, an adorable robot responds to sound input. She can be your assistant and companion whenever you need.
5. Motiv’s fitness tracking ring is the most compact device that can monitor your health and well being.
6. Osterhout Design Group’s first consumer glasses are the high-tech augmented virtual reality glasses that is aimed for a wide range of consumers and simple business users.
7. Polaroid Pop is a simple and elegant photo printing camera that can give you amazing pictures printed within a few seconds.
In addition to all these, Robird the drone and Willow automatic breast pump are worth mentioning.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Posted by Beth Pleines | Blog

Making men happy by finding an ideal gift for them is not as easy as it sounds. Most men get confused as to what to gift women because they like so many things, whereas, in the case of women, they hardly know what men like. Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your man.
Italian Supercar Drive
We know that men love cars. An Italian supercar experience is something that they would die for. Your man will get his hands on the latest models that are to be launched from the rivals, Lamborghini and Ferrari. This would make him remember this Christmas forever.
Barbour and Land Rover vest
There is a specially designed versatile vest that is made by the exclusive collaboration of Barbour and Land Rover brands. This is the perfect vest for this Christmas season and much more to come.
For all those gaming crazy men out there, the PS4 Destiny is the next evolution of the action genre. Life is never more exciting than a game that is full of challenges, and men love this to the core.
Build and Destroy
Perfumes are not only for women who like to have a nice fragrance around them, but a lot of men are also very conscious about how their smell. Not just to adverse the effects of body odor, most men are addicted to perfumes and Build and Destroy is the perfect gift for them. This is a limited edition perfume, and only three hundred lucky men will get to use it.
Haig Club Whisky
The recently seen partnership between David Beckham and Haig has launched the latest single grain Scotch whiskey is sure to make an everlasting impression on him. Haig is one of the oldest grain whiskey dynasties in Scotland, and this new edition is only an added pearl to its necklace.
Go ahead and choose the perfect Christmas gift based on the likings of your man.