Finding the perfect gift for your kid’s teacher can be an uphill task. There are a few great ideas that can be given to a teacher that will brighten up their day and bring a smile to their faces. Here are the top 10 memorable gift ideas for a teacher.

1. Monogrammed mugs are the most trendy and best gifts to give a teacher. You can choose the alphabet of his or her name.
2. Personalized apple is better than a real apple. You can have some phrase or wording that printed on it so that they can connect it with your child.
3. The best teacher wine glass is also a pretty good idea that is much appreciated by many teachers.
4. There are plenty of do-it –yourself kits that are available on the market, do your apple jars and give it to the teacher.
5. A pen stand does not always have to be a traditional one, a grass pen stand has real grass in it and can be used to keep pens as well.
6. Paperclip holders are something that every teacher would use. This is also a great gift item to give them.
7. Magnets in various designs and patterns are available. There are some which even have education related wordings in them; these would be a good choice.
8. Photo frames never run out of steam. If you have a picture of your child with the teacher, you can as well insert that in the frame and gift it.
9. A good piece of jewelry is a great gift for anyone who loves dressing up. Teachers love it when someone gifts them a chain or a necklace or a combo.
10. Posters would also do the trick. There are a lot of motivational and inspiring posters that are available. Choose one of them and make your teacher’s day.
Anything is given with love and affection would be valued a lot by any teacher. But if you can offer them any of the things listed above, I am sure they would be more than delighted.

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