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There are many uses in having a robot at home. They can not only help in keeping the house clean, take care of your home appliances, they can also keep a check on elders or children in their house. Here are the top five home robots for you.

Asus’s Zenbo is a home robot that can be purchased for the same price as a smartphone. It can move around the home without bumping into anything and also keep an eye on elders in the house in addition to controlling your gizmos.
SoftBank’s Pepper is a robot that looks like a mini human. Pepper can also move around the house but is slightly on the expensive side as it can read emotions and even entertain you when you are down. As of now, these are restricted only for sale in Japan, but soon it will scale the globe.

Jibo is a fixed robot that is only about 30 cm tall. In addition to emoting and talking, it also has cameras that can take family pictures, entertain children and also remind elder family members for food, medicines and other activity.

In addition to the three home robots mentioned above, Amazon’s Echo and Dyson’s 360 Eye are also gaining popularity.


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